Carmen Andreu López
Civil and Commercial Law

Lawyer specialized in Civil and Commercial Law. For more than ten years (1994-2004) he served as a lawyer member of the External Legal Counsel of Banco Central Hispanoamericano, SA, continuing after the merger, with Banco Santander Central Hispano (Branches of Orihuela, Torrevieja and the entire Vega Low).

The functions entrusted by the banking entity include the management of the debtor files in litigation (amortized, in force and uncollectible) from the moment they are generated until the total recovery or declaration of failure; the initiation and legal direction of judicial proceedings (both civil and related criminal) and all those aimed at recovering the amounts owed, either through the debtor or the related persons; preparation of solvency studies and reports for proposals for removal, payment, refinancing, always of contentious matters.

Elaboration of statistics of results that were evaluated in the meetings at national level maintained by the executive of the bank.

Currently and for more than ten years he is specialized in Family, and especially in the management of Assets, both individuals, family businesses and companies.

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