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Andreu & Alenda Lawyers is a firm born from the joint decision of several lawyers to unite their multidisciplinary knowledge and professional experience obtained after many years of exercise, for the same purpose that is to solve the conflicts of clients through the application of law trying to obtain the maximum benefit in the shortest possible time, always taking into account the economic and personal cost, and always without losing the perspective of profitability.

We have more than ten years of experience in the sector of banking advice, recoveries, executions, special actions and viability of the economic proposals, having been part of the legal team of the Hispano Central Bank and Santander Bank as well as in the patrimonial companies in charge of manage the portfolio of properties, in a period in addition to great judicialization because it coincided with the previous economic crises of the late 80s and early 90s.

Thus, our professional experience in the banking sector starts from the previous economic and financial crises of the 90s where we became part of legal teams that were formed to face the recoveries of liabilities, both contentiously and extrajudicially, and in teams legal banking as in real estate portfolios and tax advice.

Our work has been developed both in the procedural legal field with the filing and processing of all types of judicial procedures until the effective recovery of the credit (including special actions such as nullities of auctions, complaints for property transfers, simulation of contracts, etc.) , as with the close collaboration with the personnel of the bank branches, not only informing but managing the accounts and everything necessary in the contentious files. Our work in these years has also been advising and managing individual clients, which allows us to know the point of view and interests of the particular client against those of the financial institution.

Another important facet is the one developed in direct cooperation with the branches offering both the legal advice they need and managing the contentious accounts, both in force and amortized, as well as collectible and uncollectible.

We know that our experience, work capacity, preparation and strategies learned, allow us to face a job that is satisfactory for the financial institution, getting them to recover their different credits in the shortest possible time, and with the lowest cost for them, favoring that their statistics and reports improve in the short and medium term, avoiding unnecessary depreciation and obtaining healthy balance sheets.

Our location, in Torrevieja, equidistant between Alicante and Murcia, has allowed us, due to the large influx of second-party purchasers, to manage a large number of files, since it is notorious that in moments of crisis the second residence is the first thing dispense

Rosario Andreu Gomez
Civil, Commercial, Tax and Administrative Law

Movil: (00 34) 685 881 307

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Fuensanta Alenda Andreu
Real Estate and Urban Planning Law

Movil: (00 34) 696 903 009

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Mª. Carmen Andreu López
Civil and Commercial Law

Movil: (00 34) 629 823 288

Lawyer specialized in Civil and Commercial Law. For more than ten years (1994-2004) he worked as ...

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