Collection Companies


Do I have a certain debt? Who claims me that debt? Am I enrolled in a book of defaulters? Will my salary and my assets be garnished? Who else knows that I am in this situation? These and other questions are those that are constantly asked by people who receive various letters in their homes and numerous daily phone calls known as "recovery companies”, With the purpose of intimidating the daily life of the supposed debtors and obtaining the collection of an amount of money. These are usually small debts, with telephone, gas, television, or already badly prescribed bank debts.

empresas-de-recobroThese companies become the new creditor because the main company gave them the credit and the necessary data to claim the debt, therefore, and before a first contact between the parties, the debtor receives a letter explaining the existence of a debt and in which it is said that if the payment of it is made within the stipulated period the amount to be paid is lower, at this time the debtor does not know who should contact and carry out the subsequent steps.

For this reason and with the purpose of not wasting time, it is important to distinguish whether there is the debt of which it is spoken, the moment in which the alleged debt was incurred and if the amount claimed is correct, all this in order to require the information that it is necessary to the creditor and in the event that there is a certain debt, determine the amount owed and negotiate how the payment will be made, because in some cases the recovery companies try to collect a debt that has already been canceled, or a debt that prescribed or even an amount greater than the principal. Normally before the small amount, payment is made to prevent them from being bothered even if they are not satisfied, and this despite the fact that many times it can be solved with a simple management of the lawyer.

To this, it should be added that, the insistence of the company continues against the debtor with reprehensible techniques, in the majority of cases violating Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on Protection of Personal Data given that calls are not only made to the alleged debtor, but also extend to the family environment, friends and even to the workplace; In these calls, the company does not identify correctly, much less worry that the person receiving the call is the owner, but provides all the information it has regardless of the receiver and the consequences on a personal level, violating the privacy of the Alleged debtor and disturbing his daily life. This cascade of calls is linked to coercion and even threats in which the user is led to believe that due to non-payment of the amount claimed will be included in a book of defaulters with the consequences that result and that also after doing a study of your solvency will be seized your assets and your salary until the amount is collected. Thus, companies exceed the limits of legality, granting them the ability to make decisions, a capacity that only the Judges possess after analyzing the evidence in the correct legal procedure. All these calls and messages are made even when there is a claim by the potential debtor to regularize the situation.

Well, given this way of acting that most of the companies that are dedicated to recovering debts have, it is very important that the alleged debtor quickly contacts a law firm to know what the defense mechanisms are and to be able to face This situation with the greatest tranquility and without your day to day being harmed by the techniques and methods of these companies. Thus, this office is at your disposal for more information and help with the necessary procedures in front of these "recovery companies" very widespread today.