Month: November 2016

Collection Companies

Do I have a certain debt? Who claims me that debt? Am I enrolled in a book of defaulters? Will my salary and my assets be garnished? Who else knows that I am in this situation? These and other questions are those constantly asked by people who receive various letters in their homes and numerous calls ... Read more »

IBERDROLA abusive practices

For some years, the electricity company IBERDROLA, through its distribution company, issues invoices to its customers for exorbitant amounts accusing them of having carried out a manipulation in their meter and having carried out a consumption higher than the subscriber, so that the company electric practices a subjective regularization in consumption ... Read more »

Friendly Accident Statement

We provide you with the friendly accident statement published by the DGT. It should be used as long as it is possible that there is an understanding among those involved. This part will subsequently be delivered to the insurance entities. Friendly part.pdf